Soil tonic for pink plants (Soil Revitalizer) 1 liter (منشط للتربة والديدان .حجم 1لتر)

AED 43.00

  • Nutrient enrichment: Soil revitalizers often contain a blend of nutrients, including macro and micronutrients, that are essential for plant growth. By enriching the soil with these nutrients, the revitalizer can help ensure that plants have access to the necessary elements for healthy development and vibrant pink coloration.
  • Soil structure improvement: Some soil revitalizers also work to improve soil structure and texture. They can help loosen compacted soils, enhance water drainage, and promote root development. Improved soil structure allows plants to access water, oxygen, and nutrients more effectively.
  • Microbial activity promotion: Soil revitalizers may contain beneficial microorganisms, such as beneficial bacteria and fungi. These microorganisms can help break down organic matter, improve nutrient cycling, and enhance soil fertility. They also contribute to a healthier soil ecosystem and can aid in disease suppression.
  • pH adjustment: Certain soil revitalizers may help balance soil pH, ensuring it falls within the optimal range for pink plants. Pink plants often thrive in slightly acidic soil conditions, and a soil tonic can help create or maintain this suitable pH level.
  • Overall soil health enhancement: The regular application of a soil revitalizer can lead to improved soil health over time. It can help build organic matter, increase nutrient availability, and support a more balanced and sustainable soil ecosystem.


It revitalize the soil, prevent the decaying of the roots. Activates the plant biology, and help intensify the roots to grow healthier and stronger. Regular use of grow fast soil revitalizer helps perform action on soils’ microbial activity and fortifying the root system. Healthy roots means healthy plants.\nProduct Features : \nRevitalize your plant’s soil with the help Soil Revitalizer\nRegular use promotes healthy soil, healthy roots, and healthy plants\nWeight : 1000 ml


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