Fungicide LEGADO SC 25% 250 ml

AED 85.00

  • Disease control: Legado fungicide is effective against a range of fungal diseases, including powdery mildew, rust, and leaf spot diseases. By applying Legado according to the recommended guidelines, farmers and growers can help prevent or suppress these diseases, reducing crop damage and yield losses.
  • Yield protection: Fungal diseases can significantly impact crop yields by reducing plant health, limiting photosynthesis, and causing premature leaf drop or fruit rot. Legado fungicide can help protect crops from such diseases, ensuring better plant vigor and maximizing yield potential.
  • Improved crop quality: Fungal diseases often result in cosmetic blemishes, discoloration, or decay of fruits, vegetables, or ornamental plants. By controlling these diseases with Legado, growers can improve the visual quality and marketability of their produce, meeting the desired standards of appearance and freshness.
  • Resistance management: Legado contains two active ingredients, isofetamid and trifloxystrobin, which belong to different chemical groups. This combination helps in managing resistance development in fungal populations. Rotating or alternating fungicides with different modes of action, like Legado, can be an effective strategy to minimize the development of resistant fungal strains.


Legado is a fungicide that contains the active ingredients isofetamid and trifloxystrobin. It is primarily used for the control of various fungal diseases in crops, particularly in agriculture


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