Emamectin™ Benzoate SG 100 GRAM (ايمامكتين : مبيد حشري)

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  • Emamectin Benzoate is effective for the control of Lepidoptera larvae.
  • It is translaminar and is rapidly absorbed into the plant.
  • It is effective against Lepidoptera larvae resistant to organo phosphates, pyrethroids and insect growth regulators.
  • After its ingestion, larval feeding stops and insects will disappear in couple of days.

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Target Pest: Helicoverpa, Spodoptera, Fall army worm, Cut Worm, Pod borers, DBM, Stem borers,Bollworms, Leaf roller

Direction of use: Apply the insecticide when the incidence of larvae is first observed and repeat applications as necessary.

Warning! Agrochemicals/Pesticides are dangerous. Read and follow all instructions and safety precautions on labels. Carefully handle and store agrochemicals/pesticides in originally labeled containers out of the reach of children, pets, and livestock. Dispose of empty containers immediately in a safe manner and place. Contact your State Department of Environmental Protection or similar agency for current regulations. THE LABEL IS THE LAW. Before using a pesticide, check the label for proper application.


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