Red Cabbage Seeds AG00236 Agrimax

AED 17.00

A strong plant for cultivating the land to produce Red Cabbage with weighing up to 1 Kg. It plants at a distance of 80 cm between the lines and 40 cm between the pits. It is preferable to add organic manure before planting to ensure excellent results during the season.
Organic fertilizer for flowers, ornamentals, gardens and nurseries. Remove sodium from Rhizosphere and supply calcium to plants. Reduce osmatic pressure and remove toxic ions. Heat treated and free from nematode, fusarium and plant disease. Free from weed seed sand harmful weeds. Improve soil structure and soil fertility.
Start your seeds with this pack of twenty-two (that’s right, 22!) 3″ diameter biodegradable peat pots! Organic and OMRI listed, pots can be transplanted right along with the plant it houses in order to reduce transplant shock and keep those roots healthy and happy Roots can easily break right through the walls of the pot, which will eventually biodegrade in your garden or container Peat is responsibly sourced from Canadian Sphagnum Peat.

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