Agriculture Insecticide BLADE EC 500 ml

AED 130.00

  • Pest control: Insecticides are primarily used to manage and reduce populations of pests that can damage crops, gardens, or structures. They can help protect plants from harmful insects, reduce crop losses, and ensure healthier plant growth.
  • Disease prevention: Certain insects, such as mosquitoes and ticks, can transmit diseases to humans and animals. Insecticides can be used to control these disease vectors, reducing the risk of infections like malaria, dengue fever, or Lyme disease.
  • Public health: Insecticides are often employed in public spaces, such as parks and schools, to control pests and minimize the risk of disease transmission. They can contribute to creating safer and more hygienic environments.
  • Livestock protection: Insecticides may be used to protect livestock from insects that bite or bother them. By controlling these pests, insecticides help improve animal welfare and prevent diseases caused by pests.


Blade EC 10% “Insecticide” selective growth regulator for control of whitefly and thrips on tomatoes and cucumbers in greenhouses and control of scale insects on pome, stone fruits and citrus, it regulates the growth of insects acting through ingestion and contact. It acts on the development of insects, inhibiting their natural evolutionary processes such as metamorphosis and reproduction resulting in the elemination of the pest and has a high persistence, which increase the possibility that the insect will come in contact with the product and be ingested by it



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