Neu® Cu-9EL High Concentrated Copper Fungicide

Fungicide Neu® Cu-9EL High Concentrated Copper based (1 Ltr.)

AED 175.00

  • Active ingredient: The active ingredient in Neu® Cu-9EL is copper, specifically copper hydroxide. Copper compounds have long been used as fungicides due to their effectiveness against a broad range of fungal pathogens.
  • Fungicidal properties: Neu® Cu-9EL acts by releasing copper ions, which interfere with fungal enzyme systems and disrupt fungal cell growth and reproduction. It is effective against diseases such as downy mildew, blights, leaf spots, and anthracnose in crops.
  • Concentration and formulation: Neu® Cu-9EL is known for its high copper concentration, making it a powerful and efficient fungicide. It is typically formulated as a suspension concentrate or liquid concentrate, which can be diluted with water for application.
  • Mode of application: Neu® Cu-9EL is primarily applied as a foliar spray to the target crops. It is important to thoroughly cover the plant surfaces, including the leaves, stems, and fruit, to ensure effective disease control.
  • Timing and frequency of application: The timing and frequency of Neu® Cu-9EL application depend on the specific crop and disease being targeted. It is generally recommended to apply the fungicide preventively or at the earliest signs of disease development. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and any local regulations regarding application rates, timing, and intervals between treatments.
  • Precautions and considerations: While copper fungicides like Neu® Cu-9EL can be effective tools in disease management, there are a few important considerations:
    • Copper can be phytotoxic at high concentrations or under certain environmental conditions. Follow the recommended dosage and avoid exceeding the specified limits.
    • Copper residues may persist on treated crops, so it is essential to adhere to any pre-harvest interval specified on the product label.
    • Copper fungicides can be harmful to beneficial organisms, such as bees and other pollinators. Take precautions to minimize exposure to non-target organisms.
  • Regulatory status: The regulatory status and specific guidelines for the use of Neu® Cu-9EL may vary depending on the country or region. Always consult local pesticide regulations and follow label instructions for proper and legal use.

It is crucial to carefully read and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and, if needed, consult with local agricultural authorities or extension services for guidance on the use of Neu® Cu-9EL or any other pesticide.



  • Neu® Cu-9EL is a high-concentration copper fungicide used for the control of various fungal diseases in agricultural and horticultural crops.


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