Boric Acid 17

Micronutrient Fertilizer Boron 17% Water Soluble Chelated for All Plants and Garden (1 Kgs.)

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The benefits of using boric acid chelated in agriculture include:

  1. Increased crop yields: Boron is an essential micronutrient that is required for plant growth and development. Adding boric acid chelated to the soil can help improve crop yields, especially for crops that are sensitive to boron deficiency.
  2. Improved plant health: Boron plays a crucial role in maintaining the structural integrity of plant cell walls. Plants that receive adequate amounts of boron are less susceptible to disease and pests and have improved stress tolerance.
  3. Better fruit and seed quality: Boron is involved in the development of reproductive structures such as flowers, fruits, and seeds. The use of boric acid chelated can improve the quality and size of fruits and seeds.
  4. Reduced soil erosion: Boron helps to improve soil structure by promoting the formation of stable aggregates. This can help to reduce soil erosion and improve soil fertility.
  5. Improved nutrient uptake: Boron plays a role in the uptake and use of other nutrients such as calcium and nitrogen. The addition of boric acid chelated can help improve the uptake and utilization of these nutrients by plants.

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Boric acid chelated, also known as boron chelate, is a form of boron that is often used as a micronutrient fertilizer in agriculture. Boron is an essential element for plant growth and plays a crucial role in the development of cell walls, pollen tubes, and the transport of sugars.

Overall, the use of boric acid chelated as a micronutrient fertilizer can provide several benefits for agriculture, including increased crop yields, improved plant health, better fruit and seed quality, reduced soil erosion, and improved nutrient uptake. However, it is important to use boric acid chelated in accordance with recommended guidelines and to avoid over-application, as excessive boron can be toxic to plants.


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